Amplifying Your Message To The Right People
We believe that every company has a vision and message to share to the world and we've been able to hone our expertise down to make it possible for anyone to share their message online within a reasonable budget.
We Stand For People
This company has been created on the principles of helping people the right way. Kyree Oliver, owner of Influkz, experienced firsthand how companies are doing the bare minimum in marketing to collect a check from their clients, while not providing an exceptional experience or driving the results a business needs. We started out just working to help friends who had bad experiences with other marketing companies to show them that amazing results can be driven at a low cost to the business owner.
How Do
How Do
we help?
Whether you want more fans, more influence, or more sales we've made it easy to accomplish with our 4 step process!
What You
Stand For
We want to understand your mission and hear from you on what drives you everyday to pursue your cause. 
Find The
Right people
We want people to love what you do, say and show. These are not only your fans, but a community of people who will stand by you.
Before we begin providing value to your community, we want to make sure we have access to everything we need. 
We want to make sure that the content we create is what they want to see everyday
Want to learn more about how influkz could help grow your business? 
Check out some of our case studies and even request a FREE strategy session where we can discuss an exact plan for your business!
We have 5 easy to choose packages based on the services you need MOST!
Facebook Hourly Consulting:
So many people have decent Facebook Advertising skill. They understand how to navigate the advertising platform, create and run an ad but VERY quickly learn that turning an ad on does not immediately guarantee a positive return on investment. 
With this hourly consulting, we dig through your ads with you and show you the possible “holes in your boat” on where you are losing money, or simply not optimized enough to make money with your ads.
Facebook Audience Creation
If you know your target demographic for your business and message, we help you find them on Facebook! Our team knows how to search every crack and crevice of the Facebook audience creation tools to find YOUR people to consume YOUR message. 

From interest targeting, demographics, marital status, political views, yearly income an over 250 more categories we build you the strongest and largest possible audience for your brand.
Social Media Management
We will create daily Quote Images to populate your Facebook Business Page. All we need is any literature you have written (books, blog posts, articles, etc.) 

Our team pulls relevant quotes from these sources and put them on either images you supply us (photoshoots) or we source from all unlicensed, royalty-free image websites.
$1,000 per month
Facebook Content Boosting/Optimization
We all know that Content is King, but that king is without a kingdom if nobody ever sees your content! In this package we create audiences specifically designed to lead your ideal clients and customers to your business profile to consume your content. 

The second type of audience we create is your “media influence” audience. This audience targets different media outlets within your niche (radio, magazines, tv, podcasts, online media entities, blog sites, etc.) and specifically the people within those companies whose job it is to find people like you to feature your content on their platform.
$1,500 per month
Facebook Advertising
We take full control of your Facebook Advertising. From audiences to budget to set-up and implementation of Facebook ad Campaigns. This is a monthly service that allows you to take your hands off of the marketing wheel and focus your full effort and energy to the large picture of your business! Make a HUGE splash in 2018 by allowing real experts to take the reins and amplify your Facebook Advertising results!
based on the client project (please contact for quote)
Last Years
Last Years

Spent over 2 million dollars for our current and previous clients.

Generated over 30 million dollars in revenue for those clients.

Generated over 1,000,000 unique clicks to client websites.

Reached more than 100 million people with our content.

Had over 10 million people engage with our content.

Had over 35,000 purchases of client products/services

Generated over 6 million page fans across different client accounts.

Want to learn more about how influkz could help grow your business? 
Check out some of our case studies and even request a FREE strategy session where we can discuss an exact plan for your business!
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